Hi Vladimir and welcome to Väsby Hockey! Why did you decide to come and play for us?

Hi! I decided to play for this team because I like Sweden style of hockey and I would like to play this hockey.


You hade some good offers from Slovakia but decided anyway to come to us. What are your expectations for the next season and from Swedish hockey?

My expectation from Swedish hockey are new experiences and new style of game. And I wish the team fight for the highest places.


You and Lubo Fetkovic are good friends. What has he told you about Väsby Hockey?

He told me there is high quality league, good players and also organization in the club.


What do you know about our division, Hockeyettan?

Only what I heard from Lubomir!


You have played professionally for several years now. What kind of experiences gave that to you and what drives you as a player?

I had chance to play in different countries so I can adapt to different styles or game. What I really like is good and loud atmosphere at stadium, lot of fans.


For those who haven’t seen you play, how would you like to describe you as a player and who’s Vladimir Lukacik off the ice?

I like to play offensive game and I have good shot of blue line.


What would you say are your strengths as a player?

My biggest advantage is good onetimer and hard game body on body.


// Vladimir Lukacik